Welcome to the Greenroom Springfield castle

A unique venue like no other.

Full of light, space, plants & music, the Green room is a place to relax and take the time to enjoy friends, family & of course food. We love food and aim to deliver something a little different with our offerings.

We boast a large Argentinian Asado or grill that is the center point of the room.

Everything is hand made and we source local ingredients and grow as much food as possible in our garden. The Greenroom is an extension of the garden.

We are proud members of the Irish Flower farmers and the restaurant is a canvas for flowers from the garden.

 A huge thank you to everyone who supported us during the pandemic, it was was greatly appreciated. We had to reinvent the wheel quite a few times to move with restrictions. Our journey took us into takeaway menus, pop-up events, pizza kits, and heat-at-home meals.We are now offering events each month which are advertised on our Facebook and Instagram pages and the venue is also available for private hire. You can also avail of our products on neighbour food Limerick & Mallow & Sonas foods in Newcastlewest or directly from our online shop.